Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tilly Rose Vintage Swap

A lovely parcel arrived over a week ago, and I'm smiling all over again as I share it with you. So many lovely things to look at and to use as I sew lovely handmade treats for you. I hope to have some new lovelies soon on Etsy using some of these adorable trims, laces, buttons etc (if I can bear to use them and sell them- well I do like to share). Of course there are some treats 'just for me' to keep. Carole - your swap gift is truly appreciated!!
AND thank you so much to Karen @ Tilly Rose in the UK for organising it!!

A parcel arrives

  • Adorable card

Dear Delcie, I hope you enjoy your parcel.
Dear Delcie, I hope you enjoy your parcel. 
Be blessed as the hands of friendship reach out 
through the wonders of the internet. 
Yours in friendship, Carole xxx

sweet treat with love

fragrace sachet

something to attach to your scissors

ooh what's inside?

Darling dolly for my scissors

beads along bottom of pouch

something to just 'hang around'

A gorgeous beaded tassel!

something to place a 'pretty' on

sweet vintage doily

a matching pair!

for when you want to do a 'little something'

something to embroider

butterfly kisses for pussy

for your pins...

gorgeous 'James Kent' -Pearl Delight pin dish

Pretty bits

An assortment of trims!

beautiful laces, ric rac

more lace & trims

ric rac on vintage cotton reel

A beautiful silk rose & ribbon

Finishing touches
beautiful buttons!

A sweetie!

Beautiful roses on porcelain

It's a porcelain broach!


  1. Hi Delcie, I am so glad you enjoyed your package,I was so excited at receiving yours I placed all your lovleies around my home and remembered I had forgotten to take pics,thank you so much I loved it all.Carole

  2. Hi Delcie,
    Some gorgeous bits and pieces to feast the eye on here, even for a non crafty girl like myself.