Saturday, September 10, 2011

Join me tomorrow!


New Market at Kingswood, near Penrith NSW, Australia

 Just a hint of what will be available on my stall at the NEW market at Kingswood tomorrow...some of these items have sold at a previous market. Check out this article in the local paper for more info
or the market facebook page

Hope to see some friends and fans there!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Earth hour and lighting the fire!

It was a crisp Autumn afternoon, we bought some chips and ate them by the lake and then came home and lit the fire.... later we light a few candles and observed earth hour.... Have a great week!

Delcie :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bathroom update!

Until we have a proper shower curtain rail made to
encircle the bathtub, we have used a curtain rail
and supported one end over the hanging oar.

The vintage mirror reflects the shower curtain.
This vintage mirror was rescued from a roadside rubbish pile
White baskets with liners from Go-Lo
this is 'as is'
New blind and brass towel rail, another in opposite corner.
Captains chair painted white, still waiting for material to be attached.
Vintage stool, garage sale find, for bit and pieces for bathtime bliss- candles can be placed here.
The curtain that started it all. The Bathtub still needs resurfacing.
One of the stripey mats from Kmart.
New brass handles
Not stylised!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year- Let's welcome 2011!!

Whose footsteps will we follow this year or will we blaze our own trail for others to follow or will it be a combination of both?

How many times have you seen a room referred to in someone's blog and you've thought I love the lamps or the chairs or the cushion or the mirror? Well this one lovelies was saved because I liked the frilly white bag. I thought I could make my own version of that from recycled sheets or a skirt or summer dress and yes its still filed in downloads, so I putting it here so you can ask me in 6 months time, "Did you ever make that bag?"

I plan to continue my walks around the block, observing the changing wildlife throughout the year.... What are your plans for this coming year?

We hope to continue the bathroom renovation. My husband fixed the tiles near the bathroom door on New Year's Day. I was so proud of him I invited to young blokes to have a look when when my daughter and her best friend returned home. We like the claw foot bath, it's romantic and goes with the style of house, however they are not all that practical with an over head shower, we still need to obtain the long oval shower curtain rail that goes all around the bath to protect the walls from constant water.

The plans for the vege patch are coming along and I hope they will be put into effect soon. In the meantime I am still container gardening- lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, spinach, raspberries, cucumbers and dwarf beans. However this year we will need to erect some kind of glasshouse/plastic tunnel to start the summer growing season earlier as the weather has been too cool to get much produce. We would like to have our own chooks (hens) and need to build a fully enclosed pen to protect them from the feral foxes. In the meantime I hope the local wild duck visit more often to eat the snails (that like to eat new vege shoots).

WHAT are your thoughts or plans for 2011?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Well folks, I made a mistake and put my reno post on my tea time blog- so please pop over to see it and then I'll post part 2 as soon as I figure out how to download photos from my new phone camera.
The shower curtain that inspired the whole beach bathroom reno!

Catch you later, Delcie

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hello my lovelies!

Sorry I haven't posted for a couple of weeks, CFS caught up with me for a few weeks and I had to conserve energy. Being technically challenged as I am, I wasn't able to solve the download problem I was having with my old camera, that is now my daughters, and so the "tea party" photos I was hoping to bring you have now flown across the seas with her again. Fortunately with skype and other modern conveniences I hope to bring some of them to you soon. In the meantime a few photos about what I've been up to.

A couple of things I rescued from our "annual neighbourhood clean-up". People put out their unwanted things near the road, those who like things for free, to recycle, restore, re-purpose 'collect' things and about 2 weeks later the 'local council' arranges collection and crushes things in the back of the truck and takes it to 'landfill'.
Spring 'snaps' around my garden- just love bringing buches of Freesias, Azaleas and the odd rose indoors too.
The glorious chorus of bush birds, darting between the trees, the racous schreeching of Sulphur-crested Cockatoos as they prune the trees and litter the lawn with these 'prunings'.

The blue bird is not real, but encourages the Rosellas (see red and blue below) to come and feed on the grass seeds. This is in a friends garden, snapped through her window.

And I leave you with a kitchen I've been daydreaming about- love the glass fronted doors- they would match my french doors that open onto the back verandah. Now I'm off to blog-hop a little!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mad Hatter's tea without Alice

It was time to don a hat and choose a place to sit ready for tea. A variety of hats, cups and saucers and teas were available on the day. We indulged in pumpkin soup, (it was a cold day) scones and pikelets (mini pancakes) with butter and jam, cheese and rice crackers, olives, gherkins (dill pickles) and mussels and lots of tea and conversation. More photos next week with some of our visitors.